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Make more confident credit decisions with D&B Credit Reporter, perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that need to make a limited number of credit decisions. Quickly view a business’s credit report online, and easily monitor and manage the credit you extend to customers and partners.

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Additional Benefits

  • Evaluate New Credit Applicants: Quickly access a company’s creditworthiness with Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings.
  • Manage Credit Extended: Assess your company’s cash flow risk and overall risk profile based on the payment history, trending data, and scores of the companies you do business with.
  • Monitor Key Business Relationships: Keep up-to-date with changes to the credit profiles of the companies you monitor so you can quickly take action on high-risk accounts.

How It Works

More than ever, credit managers need to make fast decisions about extending business credit to help manage cash flow. D&B Credit Reporter helps small and mid-sized businesses make smarter credit decisions. Enjoy all the benefits of D&B business credit scores and ratings, but only pay for what you use. With D&B Credit Reporter, you’ll get a complete view of a company’s financial health to help you make confident credit decisions without the guesswork.

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